Posted by: Amanda | April 24, 2011

The Flu

I’ve been on a flu-imposed hiatus. I had the flu in sixth grade, and I don’t remember the details, just that I had a miserable night of high fever and the verdict the next day at the doctor’s office was influenza.

The month of March and most of April have blurred by. About halfway through March, we had a marvelous spring break. Towards the end of that week, I started feeling allergy-type symptoms, and I’m pretty sure I did have some seasonal allergy craziness. Then, Dalton got some awful allergy symptoms. He saw the pediatrician who gave him some allergy meds to try. A couple days later, I was feeling worse, fever, spending most of my days in bed. I rarely ask Paul to take off work, but did this time and he generously sacrificed his precious personal days to tend the sick. Dalton had a few days of fever, so we finally went back to his pediatrician who diagnosed us with the flu–a week after my first fever.

That afternoon, Lily got a fever. We went through a lot of Advil, sherbet, Mello Yello (they have it on tap at a restaurant near my house!), and limeades from Sonic.

I always wondered why everyone acted so scared of the flu. Now, I know. It sucks. Big Time.

The aftermath has looked pretty dreary as I’ve struggled to catch up on work and life errands. It’s taken us nearly a month to ditch the persistent cough and get a normal appetite back. But, I finally feel like I’m getting there. The kids seem great. Somewhere in the middle of all this Lily turned 3 and we celebrated with a rainbow and unicorn themed party (complete with a totally Martha Stewart rainbow cake). We’ve been busy. And, well, it’s Easter.

Happy Easter.


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