Posted by: Amanda | February 17, 2011

Tonight’s Write

Writing on yellow paper is so cool, I might do it more often.

I meet with a group of writer friends 1-2 times a week; tonight I planned to skip. However, I had my kids clean out their bookshelves earlier this week to get some books to donate to fellow writer Stephanie’s book drive for the Austin Children’s Shelter. And, I had a box of children’s books in the trunk of my car, so I felt I should get those to Stephanie.

But, I forgot my laptop at home, got up late so I didn’t get half done of what I needed to, my writing classes are in high gear and I’ve got papers to grade, and I was just flat-out tired from teaching. But, I hadn’t seen the gals in a while and thought I would just stop in our writing haunt for a cup of java and quick hello and be on my way. (You can see how I had the old angel/devil on my shoulder routine going tonight.)

Immediately after learning I didn’t have my laptop, Whitney says she has paper and hands me a yellow legal pad. Jessie mentions she’s got a pen. So, what else does a writer do except sit down, order coffee (a caramel con panna to be exact), and proceed to discuss how to pleasure a pirate.

Yes, you heard that right. See Jessie had picked up a Harlequin romance brochure listing all the upcoming titles in their vast series, including Billionaire Babies and some Wild West Conquests or something. Before long, we’re talking about horrible ideas for romance novels. Stephanie then recalls the best romance novel title ever: Pleasuring the Pirate. Sure enough, this book does exist and we assume that someone was paid to write it.

By this time, Whitney’s moved one table over to be closer to an outlet for her almost-dead Mac battery, so we’re taking up the entire back row of the cafe. But, the talk of a pirate’s plunderings brings her back over. Amid this raucous discussion, I realize I’m feeling better. My life seems more in control. Partly, I feel this way because writing almost always makes my life feel a little more right. It’s something I’m meant to do. But, I also feel this way because having writer people around me is a good thing. Plus, we’re all brunettes. And smart. And we have Macs. And, well, we’re just pretty darn cool.

And, in case you’re wondering, yes we did get some writing done.



  1. Arrr, matey! We did have some serious good times at this particular night write, now didn’t we?

  2. Pleasuring the Pirate might just be the nastiest/greatest novel title I’ve ever heard of.

    I’m with you on writing. Sometimes I think it’s an addiction, albeit a mainly healthy one.

  3. It certainly was a lively discussion. 🙂

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