Posted by: Amanda | January 24, 2011


Sunrise from above

I have a lot of blogs out there. A few years ago, I created this one,, as a place where I could write whatever I wanted to write. Other blogs I had created to share family news and photos or to lament about the trials of a working woman. This blog, though, lingered here and I posted to it occasionally. I’ve since deleted (or at least archived) all the old posts on this blog. Most were rude or vulgar or both.

When I started thinking about my writing life for 2011, I considered whether to blog or not. And, I decided to open this blog again, to even make the link public. I felt myself moving to the original theme of this blog (“writing for myself”). I’ve been a writer all my life and made money here and there as a skill/craft writer (journalism, tech writing, etc), but I have a passion to tell stories about people. Some of these people I know. (One day I’m going to finally write about that crazy uncle of mine who . . .) Some of these I don’t know except in my imagination. (Samantha talks to me at least once a month, and I can’t concentrate unless I let her have her time.)

Sometimes when I sit down to write these stories, my mind races. It’s different than writer’s block. I call it the writer’s noise. There’s so much noise in my head from life that I can’t focus on the story I need to tell. (So, my uncle hilarious story and Samantha’s tragic tale have been left out.)

I read some of Julia Cameron’s work. She’s a big believer in morning pages, a technique where you write, longhand, 4 straight pages of text–whatever is on your mind whether it’s a string of curse words or rambling. The trick is you do this first thing in the morning before you do anything else. I tried this for a while, and it’s definitely a great way to get some junk of my head and clear the way to tell stories. But, I have this issue with anything that I have to do daily at the same time. I’m not a routine gal. I don’t even shower at the same time every day (though I do manage to shower daily). Some days I have coffee at 4:30 a.m.; other days I have coffee at 4:30 p.m. But, you get the point.

Accepting my issues and thinking about the power of Cameron’s technique, I decided to come back to this blog. When I have some free time to write, I’m using it as a launching pad, a place to write about whatever’s crowding my mind (and any writing is good practice for the craft). And, I’ve always enjoyed photography, so I plan to post some pictures with most of my posts. But, I also want to put some of my “real” writing on here, so I’ve decided to post at least one more polished work on here each month this year–whether it’s an essay, a short story, an excerpt from my longer fiction works, or a scene from a screenplay.

I’m trying to move my writing in a more honest and raw direction, and I’m going to continue abusing the blogworld to propel myself.


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