Posted by: Amanda | January 17, 2011

Don’t Do this on Facebook

My husband Paul recently cleaned out his Facebook friend list because, frankly, a lot of people were driving him crazy with ridiculous posts and requests. He had 700+ friends. Now, he has something like 120. I guess that means he’s a Facebook nerd again–no longer in the in-crowd. I started thinking about my own friends on Facebook. I’ve already hidden at least 100 of my 350 friends, but I’m afraid of hurting people’s feelings, so I haven’t completely axed them from my list.

So, you may be wondering, what are these horrible things that people are doing on Facebook? I’ve compiled a brief list. If you care about the rest of the Facebook universe, don’t do these things on there:

  1. Ask your friends to repost something to prove their love for Jesus, humankind, your sister, or Elvis. Really, this is just stupid.
  2. Ask your friends what the score of the ball game is. You are online. Check for yourself.
  3. Post play-by-play updates of a TV show (including televised sports).
  4. Beg for money for your cause. Asking once in a message is ok. Posting to someone’s wall repeatedly is not.
  5. Update your status with mundane/unclear comments about the weather. “Can you believe this weather?” Unless all your friends live in the same city, no they cannot.
  6. Use senseless profanity in comments of friends who may not appreciate it.
  7. Whine because someone didn’t respond to your comment. There are a lot of people on Facebook. Get over it.


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